jon silver


Hey there! Thanks for checking out some of my work.

I'm a digital producer that delights in creating engaging user experiences, innovative play and interactive products.

Whether as a product owner, team leader or high-level contributor, I can bring value to consumer digital experiences for web, mobile and iTV as well as digital enabled toys.

For all projects represented here, I was responsible for managing the product from concept - often a blank page - through design, market testing, development and launch.

I've developed eco-friendly virtual 3D worlds with original IP, created digital collectible card games with Cartoon Network, interactive board games for the Pokemon franchise and helped Mattel translate iconic toys into online games and interactive TV.

Latest work includes Enterprise system designs with mobile extensions on smartphone and tablet. Also end-to-end development of a subscription learning series distributed on a live SaaS platform with cloud delivery on iPad into school classrooms.

I've been in the trenches with scrappy start-ups, helped drive business units with Fortune 500's and everything in between. I navigate comfortably between entertainment consumer products and the education world... my favorite projects combine both!

Let me help bring your concepts, brands and toys into engaging digital play!